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Outdoor Furniture Cover


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*Type: Furniture cover
*Shape: rectangle
*Color: silver outer black inner
*Material: Waterproof PVC coating
*Size: optional

*Package Included:
-1 x Furniture cover
1X bag

Measurement order:
Length X width X height
Length X depth X height
Width x depth x height

-Please tell us the size you want. You can leave a message in Paypal notes or email to let us know.
242x162x100cm / 95.27×63.77×39.37 inches
308x138x89cm / 121.25×54.33×35.03inch
213x132x74cm / 83.85×51.96×29.13 inches
180x120x74cm / 70.86×47.24×29.13inch
126x126x74cm / 49.6×49.6×29.13 inches
123x61x72cm / 48.42×24.01×28.34 inches
115x115x70cm / 45.27×45.27×27.55inch

1. The highest quality polyester fabric has been tested for waterproof and ultraviolet rays, and the drawstring can be tightened.
2. Full circle drawstring bottom with wire lock to improve safety.
3. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, frost, snow, rain and ultraviolet rays.
4. It can prevent rain, snow, dust and bird droppings.
5. Help extend the life of garden furniture.
6. Environmental protection and easy to use.

-Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3CM.

Additional information


Silver, BLACK


90X90X90cm, 70X70X70cm, 130X70X70cm, 145X85X80cm, 85X85X80cm, 200x200x120cm, 140x90x60cm, 154x90x76cm, 205x90x76cm, 140x140x140cm, 120x120x140cm, 180X150X80cm, 210x110x70cm, 213x132x74cm, 155X95X68cm, 315X160X74cm, 308X138X89cm, 350X260X90cm, 242X162X100cm, 287X155X82cm, 260X135X82cm, 225X116X82cm, 270X180X89cm, 255X255X80cm, 250X250X90cm, 230X165X80cm, 205X104X71cm, 200X160X70cm, 210X140X80cm, 115X115X70cm, 180X120X74cm, 160X160X80cm, 150X150X75 cm, 170X94X70CM, 152X104X71CM, custom made

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China, Israel


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